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Welcome to the EMILI Review! Today we’re taking a look at a custom e-cig from the company Smiss that doesn’t exactly follow the formula of most custom e-cigs in terms of it’s size. It’s actually a good deal smaller than your standard cigalike, but there are 2 of them. Regardless, the unit is really interesting so let’s get into the EMILI review to see what this gadget can do!

Product Pros

  1. 2 e-cigs in one kit
  2. Box charges and stores the e-cigs
  3. High quality materials
  4. Cool design

Product Cons

  1. Eject button doesn’t work that well
  2. Tanks are a bit small
  3. Doesn’t fit standard tanks


Build Quality

The kit/charging station is made of aluminum and feels like the outside of the Pax. It’s really durable and feels really high quality. The e-cigs themselves are really high quality. the battery part of the unit is a nice hard metal, likely aluminum too, and the tank is plastic, but still feels high quality. The details of this set up have been really well attended to. The parts all feel and look well machined and they have a very smooth and polished look to it. To finish it off, the buttons all feel sturdy and responsive and the LED’s in the bottom of the e-cigs provide good, bright feedback on when you use the e-cigs. The only place where this unit disappoints is the eject button for the e-cigs which doesn’t respond as well as we’d like it to.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality you get from the units is is actually pretty good. It delivers some pretty decent clouds that fall somewhere between the performance of an iclear tank and a cig-alike. The flavor it gives off is nice and I didn’t get any dry hits when the juice was pretty low, which surprised me. The battery you get from a full charge doesn’t last long enough to go through a whole tank of juice so you shouldn’t have to worry about that even if you are vaping vigorously.



There really isn’t much in the way of versatility when it comes to this unit. It really only barely made it into the Custom E-cig category by virtue of it’s refillable tanks and the ability to recharge it. The case may act as a charging dock as well, but it doesn’t charge anything except the e-cigs and there is no variable voltage or variable wattage capability to be seen in this unit. From that perspective, this is a pretty basic unit.


This section is where this unit really shines. The size of each unit in the kit alone makes them very portable, but taking the whole kit into consideration only improves upon it’s advantages. Both units come inside a case that acts as a dock to charge them, but the case also has an internal battery that can charge each e-ecig inside it back to full power 2 or 3 times. This feature can be turned on and off so that you don’t waste the internal battery when it isn’t needed. Each e-cig has a battery life that lets them last about 1 hour on a full charge so all together you could vape for 6 full hours with these. The case itself is well built and durable and compact enough that it takes up about as much room in your pocket as an iphone. All in all its probably the most portable custom e-cig we’ve ever seen.


The first time I saw this unit, I felt like it might only appeal to feminine sensibilities. Can you blame me? They’re slender and elegant in just about every way. That assumption changed the next time I saw the unit, which was at a party. A couple had it. Each laid claim to one of the e-cigs and they quietly and discreetly vaped outside while they made conversation with the other guests. That’s the real strength of this unit. Shared or solo it makes for a more convenient vaping experience. If you and your significant other both vape, this is a nice and classy unit you can bring to a party and enjoy without causing too much of a stir.

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Dan C

Dan is a writer with a massive vaporizer collection who loves video games, superhero movies, finding new music, comic and regular books and critically deconstructing those things until he wonders why he liked them in the first place. He’s also a pragmatic fitness enthusiast who believes that the best actions you can take in your daily life are those that help you reach your goals, and that naps are the most lofty, but also the most noble goal one can have.

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